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I would like to invite you to visit my studio in Vallila; Helsinki.

I am very happy to open the door to the place where I work as an artist and in which some interesting works have already happened. The tiny studio, however, mercilessly governs the rules of free m², which is why paintings and graphics are looking now for a new home. If you are looking for something that will add character to your interiors, gift material or you just like to collect a piece of manual work, then come! If this topic is completely new to you, than feel also invited to visit my studio. Anyone who wants to talk and rummage in my works is warmly welcome during entire Finnish spring!

A lot of large-format paintings, graphics on canvas and on paper. Come and see what is hidden on my walls, in boxes and drawers. I add cup of coffee/tea to a good company!

Make an appointment with me by sending a message.

Pocket Space studio on Nilsiänkatu 10 B