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City Art Gallery in Vaasa; Finland
May 29th-August 8th

When light particles come in contact with light-sensitive emulsion, an image of that light is recorded. After processing, what was at first a latent image, becomes visible. The festival 'when the light hits just right' shows where the magic of this alchemic process is coming from. The festival is spread out over a three month period, and filled with an exhibition, workshops, online conversations, a conference, film screenings and live cinema performances. A publication shares the thoughts of all the participants.

The invited artists have either been a guest of Filmverkstaden in the past ten years or are active members of the association. The works on display all have their origin in the analogue media of photography or film. They show that analogue film and photography are beautiful, robust and physical media that keep the light within their fabric and hold in their emulsion the imprint of time.

At the same time, these works expand our notion of what film and photography is or can be and provide us with a new way of experiencing them.